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Eugene Health Insurance works with a wide range of Oregon private health insurance providers that offer family and individual health plans. You may be a candidate for such health insurance plans if you:

  • You own your own business or are self-employed
  • Your employer does not offer insurance
  • For spouse or dependents that are not included in group health plans offered by your employer
  • You want something better than your employer provides
  • You have special needs that are not covered by your current employer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does family plan cost per month on average?

According to a 2020 study by eHealthinsurance, the average premium cost for a family plan was $1,152 a month. But, as with any average, keep in mind that many factors play a role in that number. There’s family size, geographical location, and level of coverage to consider.

What if I have children and can’t afford the premium cost for an entire family?

Something everyone should know is that the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is open to all children and teens (under the age of 19) in the state of Oregon. And their eligibility is safeguarded despite immigration status or other criteria. In the case that you cannot reasonably afford the cost of a family health plan, our agents routinely will help parents find coverage and give directions on how to get their children registered in OHP.

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