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Getting the Coverage You Need

Medicare Advantage Plans, also called “Part C,” are an “all in one” alternative to Original Medicare, providing ‘bundled’ plans, which cover Medicare Part A and Part B, usually a prescription plan (Part D), and sometimes extra benefits like vision, hearing, dental, and more.

With some Advantage plans, you are

How They Stack Up: Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Plan

Ultimately, there are two major approaches to getting all the coverage you need, and knowing what kinds of coverage options you want may help you decide which of the two is most appropriate for you. Eugene Health Insurance can help you no matter which approach you take. However, your choice in Medicare coverage affects what you get in terms of quality of care, choosing what doctors or other providers you use, what overall services are available to you, and, of course, cost, so knowing your Medicare ABCDs is kind of a big deal.

Those two tracks are Advantage and Original Medicare plans. Here’s how they stack up:

Original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage plans
Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)

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